DURBAN SINGS audio media & oral history project (2008-10):

developing & facilitating a community outreach initiative for the Centre of Civil Society at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban South Africa towards mutual productive exchange between the research centre & local communities; fostering active local media production in 9 former township communities through the training of activist youth organisations in audio media, ICTs & oral history by means of collective creative productions.

AV documents: a review & remix-tree ;  DURBAN SINGS visual documentation pdf; audio: SAfm broadcastclips of workshop recordingscall for responseon-line audio CD release; see alsotestimonials

Partners: Centre for Civil Society ; University of KwaZulu-Natal; Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (main funder); British Council; TrAIN research centre (UK); Ulwazi Indigenous Knowledge ; cjam 991 fm (CA); Keleketla Library (SA) ; Wits University Digital Arts; SAfm
Up-to-date information via the project blog:; summary, links & resources: Creative Africa Network

NO-GO-ZONES audio radio project (2007-08):

developing & facilitating an outreach initiative for Camberwell College of Arts in South London UK into its surrounding black communities; comprising 6 weeks drop-in & mobile audio radio studio sessions & live broadcasts on Resonance fm with a production team of participants from the minority group of black artists in the college & youth from a local youth offending team. The publication “Influence100” mapping out the findings and the “tool-box” of the project including an interactive DVD with contributions from 100 global listeners becomes the template for the production of the DURBAN SINGS project.

AV documents: call for responsedocumentary by David Palazon“Influence100” poster publication page 1“Influence100” page 2

Partners: Camberwell College of Art/ University of the Arts London; Southwark Council; Art Council England (main funder); TrAIN research centre (UK); open-air SOAS; cjam (CA); radio 1001 (France); vibrofiles/ double entendre (publication);
Project blog:; summary, links & resources: Creative Africa Network

“AUDIO PHOTO GRAPHICS” (2009 – ongoing):

developing & teaching an audio media course for photographers at the Market Photo Workshop Johannesburg aiming to integrate audio media into their professional practice not only as a research skill & additional bonus of multimedia capacity but a creative listening tool to critically assess & develop their own professional visual production & its procedures.

audio documents:  student productions on youtube (2011); audio-photographics facebook group (2011); samples of workshop recordings (2009);

Partners: Market Photo Workshop Johannesburg

STREET WRITINGS audio radio project (2006):

developing & facilitating a drop-in audio radio workshop for the East London’s Crisis/Skylight, an activities club & resource centre for vulnerably housed people; publication on audio CD & live broadcasts on Resonance fm

Partners: Arts Council England (main funder); Camberwell College of Arts; Crisis/Skylight; Resonance fm; Artworks (publication)

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