in brief

Demystifying the production of Media

  • Exploring literacy through a methodology of listening
  • Building infrastructure for a collective production of Media
  • Uncovering a collective “writing” of history with audio media tools
  • Making infrastructure for a collective media production
  • Developing local expertise & advocacy through the training of trainers

This introductory course to audio media literacy strives to assist people in ‘media-ting’ professions, be they artists, or cultural producers of many kinds, educators, activists, researchers, librarians, historians, social scientists, photographers or journalists to access the toolbox of audio production techniques & technology to advance their work; and to do so in the creative and critical ways which will enhance their communicative efforts to greater effect.

  • a modular audio production course training small groups of participants in audio media skills, concepts and techniques, their on-line & off-line use and possibilities with a view on (and an ear for) demystifying the production of Media

  •  a training of ‘the ear’ through the processes of audio recording and editing of interviews, reports, stories, or documentaries; enhancing communication skills while gaining multi-media capacity

  • an opportunity for the participants to re-assess their environment, daily communication or professional practice from another ‘point of view’ as a step by step exercise in “active listening”

  •  a hands-on listening workshop with the potential of training dedicated groups of professionals as audio media trainers for their particular fields of expertise and local environment

Multi-media course for photographers at Market Photo Workshop Johannesburg, March 2011

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