audio media literacy, acoustic education & production

multitrack editing with hyperdraw

A skills training programme for web-based multi-media tailor-made to local requirements and organizational focus of participants

“I & EAR” is a mobile training programme and adaptable educational service based on a methodology of listening. It enhances communication and conversation skills through the practice of audio-media production. The programme encourages a creative and critical self-development through a skills training for content production beginning with the direct environment, professional and daily life of the participants; and offers opportunities of empowerment through a focus on the training of trainers. The training is practicing a combination of audio-media skills, a creative use of information communication technologies (ICTs) and oral history methods with a view on demystifying the production of Media.

The programme can be called upon and hired by community centers, activist organizations or initiatives, arts and cultural centers or outreach projects, libraries, museums, archives, radio stations, university research centers, media schools or art colleges, development organizations and peace initiatives, to name just a few.

“Media as a Means of Community Development & Communities as Agents of Media Development,” motto of the NO-GO-ZONES audio radio project.

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